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Puppy Package

The health care your small animal needs at every stage of life... 

Preventive Care
Primary Care




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Preventive Care is essential to your small animal’s health and wellbeing. 


  • Wellness examinations


  • Vaccinations


  • Internal parasite, flea and tick control


  • Nutritional and weight-management counseling


  • Microchip identification and implantation


  • Dental examinations, cleaning and polishing


  • Domestic and international health certificates

Primary Care helps ensure that you and your pet enjoy the best quality of life possible, at every stage.


  • Spay and neutering


  • Pet counseling


  • Wound care


  • Medically-necessary grooming and bathing if your pet has fleas, mange or fur so matted that it affects health or mobility


  • X-ray and ultrasound imaging


  • Laser therapy


  • Allergy, itchy skin and alopecia relief


  • Diabetic long-term care


  • Pain management


  • General surgery and anesthesia (some specialized surgeries may be referred to specialists)


  • General dentistry, radiography (x-rays) and extractions


  • Geriatric medicine


  • End-of life care and euthanasia services

Our New Puppy Package includes all the preventive care your puppy needs to get off to a healthy start!


  • 3 exams with veterinarian


  • Vaccinations: Distemper Combo (DA2PP) series, Bordetella, Leptospirosis series, Rabies


  • Fecal check for parasites and Giardia


  • 8 months of flea/tick control


  • 8 months of heart worm prevention and dewormer 


$495 (a $795 Value!)

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